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Open Concept Homes That Will Make You Change Your Entire Floor Plan

Ideas & Inspiration  |  December 11, 2017

Nowadays, having an ‘open-spaced’ concept is all the rave because of the ever-decreasing space we face everyday, from office cubicles to shoebox homes. Altering your home floor plans to get the most space out of it is satisfying. Take out your pen and paper and get ready to take notes on how you can achieve this! 


1) 561 Pasir Ris St 51

Nothing substitutes space than just pure uninhibited room. By totally doing away with an entire wall (or maybe three), the couple is able to turn their space into a living room, game room, and even bar area.  

Designer: Aart Boxx Interior  

Project Cost: $50,000

Full Project: Here


2) 511A Yishun St 51 - Ethereall

Let's take a second and appreciate the material that is glass. The beauty it brings to a room is unparallel, due to its ability to divide a room yet still make it some as 'one-piece' due to its transparent naure. 

Designer: Ethereall

Project Cost: $33,000

Full Project: Here


3) 338C Anchorvale Crescent 

The use of cupboards is an interesting one because most people would place them against the wall due to it's "unsightly" behind. However, if the carpentry is done right or even substituting wooden ones for glass ones, then these cupboards could be the very thing that segments your room without killing the floor space. Instead of having a partitioned wall plus a cupboard, just the cupboard will suffice. 

Designer: DB Studio 

Project Cost: $50,000

Full Project: Here


4) Neptune Court - Fifth Avenue 

It doesn't seem like this house is overly spacious or even seem to have an open-concept. But take a moment to realize where the angle of the photo is coming from. Check out the full project to see the entire space, and then understand the amount of space the room has just be simple dividers. 

Designer: Fifth Avenue 

Project Cost: 

Full Project: Here 


5) 515 Choa Chu Kang - DB Studio 

The designer in this case, made use of an arch to subtly divide the room between the actual living area and dining area. But taking one look at the room, would just make you focus on the amount of space it has, especially without any smaller cupboards or furnishings, as this is all against the wall. 

Designer: DB Studio 

Project Cost: $80,000

Full Project: Here


6) 63 Marine Drive 

The space for this home comes from the fact that the kitchen leading up to the living room area is only divided by a bar top. This actually adds a third space of allowing people to congregate around there without obstructing anybody else's way. 

Designer: ChanInteriors 

Project Cost: $68,000

Full Project: Here


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