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Go Big Or Go Home: 5 Standout Homes Over $50,000

Designed Homes  |  November 30, 2017

1) 250 Bishan 

A true blue example of go big or go home. In this case, the 'big' is whitewashing the entire house, keeping in tune with the minimalistic aspect the couple was going for and creating ample lightroom and space. 

Designer: DB Studio 

Project Cost: $64,000

Full Project: Here


2) 561 Pasir Ris St 51 

Adulting is hard and very few people are actually fully prepared for it. Everyone still has to grow up, pay the bills and move out of their parents' home, but that's not to say you can't enjoy the days of your youth! All it needs is some innovative ideas and 'big balls.' What better way to examplify that, then to have the place crawling with a pool table, a dart board and a mini fridge full of beers. 

Designer: Aart Boxx Interior 

Project Cost: $80,000

Full Project: Here


3) 285C Punggol Field

Glass panelling is all the rave now and we can see why. With smaller floor spaces nowadays, it's imperative that home owners maximise their visual space so as to make their house decorative and viable from all aspects. The use of glass allows to segregate rooms, yet still make it spacious. 

Designer: Project Guru 

Project Cost: $55,000

Full Project: Here 


4) 676D Punggol Drive 

Everybody talks about using wall space to save on floor space. But they did not actually picture using the wall itself as a space. Making little indentations here and there saves occupants from using shelves that protrude out and seemingly make the space smaller. 

Designer: Hue Concept 

Project Cost: $55,000

Full Project: Here


5) 88 Telok Blangah Heights 

Going big means having the guts to see through your design. As seen here, Having juxtaposed colours in Black and White creates a strict juncture, which might make it uneasy on the eyes. But if done right, it looks as good as this house. The type of furniture helps to break that mould and creates a well-designed home. 

Designer: Se7en ID 

Project Cost: $60,000

Full Project: Here



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