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Black Friday: Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back

 |  November 23, 2017

With Black Friday around the corner, we decided to make sense of the word with houses. While more commonly known for cheap prices, we’re opting to go for houses that showcase the shade of Black itself.

Many people do not like the idea of Black in the house for various reasons like ‘bad luck’ or ‘makes the space small,’ but if done right and sporadically, it adds a whole different dimension to the room and makes other features stand out as well. 


1) 511A Yishun St 51

Right from the get-go, our first picture examplifies what it means to be black. A very bold statement from the Designer and homeowner alike. Decking the entire house in shades of black. Keeps it simple and profound. 

Designer: Ethereall Pte Ltd

Project Cost: $33,000 

Full Project: Here


2) 890A Woodlands Drive 

This room proves that shades of black actually help to accentuate the other colours in the room, making them seem more than there is. Also, it ties in the entire room due to its solidity. 

Designer: Design4Space

Project Cost: $36,800

Full Project: Here 


3) 57 Teban Gardens 

For those that believe that Black would make your room seem smaller, should check out this house. Both the living room and bedroom are decked in black and still look spacious. One important thing to note is the use of glass. It helps to break the monotony yet doesn't disrupt the overall flow. 

Designer: Se7en ID Pte Ltd

Project Cost: $33,000

Full Project: Here


4) 417 Bukit Batok Ave 4

Not as much Black as the previous projects, but when it's used, it gives a strong character to the room and more importantly, gives the rest of the room the freedom to explore more. 

Designer: Blackboard Consultants Pte Ltd

Project Cost: $70,000

Full Project: Here


5) Bartley Residences 

If you're still a firm believer that Black will minimise your space visually, then maybe these black panels would change your mind. It's resolute in character and make the rest of the colours around it stand out. 

Designer: Ethereall Pte Ltd

Project Cost: $65,000

Full Project: Here 





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