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8 Sofas You Need To Consider For Your New Home

Guide, Ideas & Inspiration  |  October 26, 2017

These sofas are not just comfortable, but visually appealing as well, and can easily fit into most homes décor. However, those beautiful ones with rare materials might not be ideal for Singapore’s climate.

Let us sieve through the pile of sofas available and you decide which one is suitable for your home.


1. Sectional Sofas

One of the more popular couches in modern times, is the sectional sofa. Available in mostly L-shape or U-shape, these couches can be configured to fit your living room design. However, with recent space constraints in our homes, these couches have been left aside to make way for a minimal, smaller option.

122B Sengkang East Way - DB Studio


2. Chesterfield

This beautiful leather piece is the kind you see in the show, Mad Men. Definitely a conversational piece for any home or office for that matter, it might not suit Singapore’s humid weather. Furthermore, the bulkiness of it might not tie in with your overall hipster-minimalistic décorative approach.

One Canberra - Aart Boxx  


3. Mid-century Modern

Fashion tends to repeat itself after every few years. This is the same for this couch. With Millennials running the show nowadays, this piece is making a comeback and fits perfectly with a minimal/Scandinavian home. It’s also breathable, hence good for our local climate. 

113C McNair Road - Luova Projects


4. Bridgewater

The epitomy of comfiness. This large, chunky furniture is one associated with the 70s and 80s. Right smack in the centre of the living room opposite the TV, where the family would sit around and tell stories. The couch usually comes with two other single-seater ones. If you want something traditional and comfortable for your home, this would be the one to get.

Upper Changi Road - Le Posh  


5. Pull Out Sofa Bed

Revolutionising the 90s, this couch proved to be the number one cost saving item for anybody just starting out on their own. A sofa cum bed, this item is ideal for those living in slightly smaller apartments and want to save space for their bedroom or even living room. While it doesn’t shout out “I’ve made it, in Singapore context,” this couch might be ideal for a game room or study room if you have one.

 871C Tampines St 86 - Atelier Concept


6. Daybed

Not your typical living room sofa, a daybed is more of an additional item to your already chosen sofa. This allows for more people to sit around the coffee-table or TV area and just chat. It’s also great for those who might just wanna lounge about and read a book or even take a short nap. Once again, this is only availabl if your house has adequate space.

291C Compassvale - in2space


7. Loveseat Sofas

More commonly known as two-seater chairs, this boxy sofa slots perfectly anywhere around the house and can even pair up with other bigger options like the Chesterfield or Bridgewater. This is ideal for our BTO homes, which unfortunately do not have much room to play around with.

670B Waterway Ridges - Luova Projects


8. English

The last couch on our list is the English, known for it’s taut upholstery all around. Much like the Bridgewater, it’s comfortable yet bulky. It’s one of those where you can really sink into it and morph into your full couch potato self. 

307 Shunfu Road - Project Guru 


Of course we understand to be a true-blue couch potato, more elements are needed to be in place to achieve total relaxation. Ambience, chips and a good movie are essential in reaching that final stage of zonking out. What is needed for you to be relaxed ? 


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