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5 HDBs That Prove You Need A Talented Interior Designer

Ideas & Inspiration  |  November 3, 2017

In Singapore, most of us go to work to be bombarded with paperwork, emails and client’s to service. So the last thing any of us would want is to go home to that as well. These homes show you how to declutter and to still look stylish. We’ve pulled out the five best houses out of our never-ending list and we hope each home gives you a different inspiration.

Predre Plaisir !


1. Yishun - Ethereall Pte Ltd 


Project Cost: $33,000

Full Project: Here

Ethereall isn't afraid to break out of the norm as seen here by their bold design philosophy. Decking the entire house in black and white, now that's stunning.  


2. 471A Fernvale - Aart Boxx

Project Cost: $36,000

Full Project: Here

Brown is obviously the colour of wood, but to fill up your house with yards of it and still look good, props to Aart Boxx for keeping the space cozy.  


3. Yishun Ave 1 - Interiors ID

Project Cost: $38,000

Full Project: Here

Who would've thought that having sliding doors would be so cool and actually space efficient. Certainly not us, but that's where Designers like Interior ID comes in to help curate such lovely pieces.  


4. 415B Fernvale Link - DB Studio

Project Cost: $45,000

Full Project: Here

One of the truest definition of keeping things right-angled and totally space free. DB Studio's Designer understands that furniture hugging the wall is the smartest way to save floor space 


5. 663B Waterway Sunbeam - Luova Projects 

Project Cost: $35,000

Full Project: Here

Having kids can be difficult. Besides just keeping the house clean, parents' would have to worry about about their child's safety and also development. Therefore colours play a huge part. Luova Desginers understand this and managed to create a space fit for both parent's and children to enjoy. 


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