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6 Sexy Chamber Pots To Do Your Dirty Business

Ideas & Inspiration  |  November 15, 2017

Let’s face it, bathrooms are a smelly place where you only visit it because you have to. Obviously we’re not saying it’s a place where you should ‘stay in’ cause it’s alluring, but rather some place where you’d be proud of telling your friend’s that this is where you do your number 2 and scroll through memes (; 


1) 338C Anchorvale Crescent

Designer: DB Studio

Project Cost: $50,000

Industrial walls and flooring, coupled with black and white designed tiles make for a simple yet elegant bathroom you would stay in for hours.  


2) 116A Tenteram Peak

Designer: Aart Boxx Interior

Project Cost: $35,000

Keeping up with the minimal theme, this bathroom keeps to one main shade, which is White. Incorporating the sink and cabinet into one, helps to save space in an already usually cramp area. 


3) Bukit Panjang

Designer: Le Posh

Project Cost: $45,000

Having been used to bathroom doors or curtains, having a clear glass to contain the water in a certain area seems to be the new trend. It seems to give the bathroom more space than actually is and makes things chic. 


4) 665B Punggol Drive

Designer: Cedron Interior

Project Cost: $48,000

Bathrooms are a great place to store things one might need for the rest of the household like insect spray tissue rolls. A good storage unit would be ideal if you don't want to mess up the rest of the house.  


5) 122B Sengkang East Way

Designer: DB Studio 

Project Cost: $100,000

A more avant-garde design especially with the colour and wall patterns is seen in this bathroom. Some might prefer this as it is easy to just ensure the entire space is one shade/colour instead of having contrasting colours.


6) 488 Chua Chu Kang

Designer: Inspire ID 

Project Cost: $40,000

Not many people realise the imporatnce of having the sink and the toilet bowl next to each other. I mean what else are you going to lean your phone on when you're tired of holding it but your series is still ongoing ... Besides that, beautiful wall decor and complementing colours make for a great bathroom. 




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